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1,The truck transport

The company owns a large conveyance car a brigade, with the bead triangle region, Peking, Shanghai, Tienjin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, become all, heavy celebrate for main trunk line, expand the whole car, zero loads of business of the whole whole country completely.Own a professional vapor a luck a business operation a management experience, specially assigned particularly item solid hour follow the goods are en route circumstance, insure goods a safety to arrive. The network of SHANGHAI HANGQUAN spreads all over a whole country and the formation intersects thing and takes a panoramic view of the super and strong network structure and form of south north: The △ north ―― takes Peking as center and radiate north China, the northern network area of northeast The △ south ―― takes Guangzhou as the bead triangle area of center The △ east ―― above sea is centrally to grow triangle area The △ west ―― takes becoming all as central western network area Long distance special line 55 well versed cities, short way special line overlay bead triangle, long triangle, city Jin pond's etc. be each big district and cooperate a special line to overlay more than 400 cities in the whole country and region.

2.The steamer transports.Arrive a harbor parties to send.

What I took charge of international near ocean transports business mainly with medium Han San3 sundries regular steamship service conveyance is lord, the ego department starts practice, that business already keep on up to now, become "gold medal flight path" that my department pays pillar.In the meantime, my department owns a to pay 3000 ton classes and 5000 the spreading of ton classeses sundries conveyance tall ship, be placed in to lead a position inside the industry in the conveyance of Shanghai and river valley in Yangtze River and the Korean port.Export goods from the tube material, line material, the equipments waits until import chemical engineering fiber original material etc., the footprint spread all over whole grow triangle and Korean port.Along with the development of the company luck dint scale, 8000 ton classes and 12300 spreading of ton classeses sundries ships with lately- set up my department will soon consign an usage and throw in Southeast Asia and Middle East spreads sundries conveyance flight path, this expands to the business that I take charge of with the strategic policy of near ocean"do strong do greatly", rise push the help that the wave helps Lan.In the foundation that also makes me take charge of to expand in the oneself real strenght, provide for the owner of goods more professional, superior quality and efficiently serve.

3.The railroad transports.

We successively break through Shanghai to Peking, the head, orchid state, Urumqi, Chen2 Yang, Harbin, long sand, south Chang of Tienjin, Xian and pack and become all, heavy celebrate, Liu Zhou, south rather, rate of speed piece and railroad of Kunming, expensive cities, such as sun, Guangzhou and Shenzhen...etc. go to wrap particularly row, gather to pack a class of row, five settle class row etc..Promise with special discount reasonable of price for the customer provide high-quality complete service.The company serves in the freight transportation in applied modern computer business the system operate management, in experience and the conveyance network.The main representative director of my company conducts on the railroad for more than 20 years and acquaint with a railroad conveyance rule and relationship.My company also built up the conveyance network of all over whole country in the meantime, these made my companies able to availably make use of a box of source advantage and network convenience to extend to gather to pack of arrive.In the insurance.Because my company is a Chinese Pacific Ocean property insurance company authorization unit, and protects a sum to be up to 30,000,000 dollars monthly and enjoys the insurance rate special policy, is medium protect companies to can believe unit, the reason compensates fast, is undoubtedly the biggest guarantee of goods safety to customer.Make use of the advantage of existing heap of field, save the box of certain amount source, promise the customer's need develops a net to up order cabin and bill of lading creation and provide for the customer accurate, fast, norm, convenience of service.Solve the ability of railroad conveyance difficult problem.My company compares a general logistics company to contain stronger advantage.Because the several years backlog goes together an industry the colleague relate to and became friends with many railroads go together a friend, so the plait set station being easily blocking can acquire the friend's help and make the difficulty solved problems with the greatest ease, at arrive a station to carry out various procedures also very convenient.On the Zong say, my company can at all-directions operation is various business, can send out goods to go out by quickest speed and counteract the shortest time to send to goods a customer's hand in, help customer to solve an actual problem.My company service principle:A hold medium hero's hand, is a friend forever.The aim of the company:"The owner of goods is highest, serve the first".We with all sincerity provide the superior quality thoughtful service for large owner of goods according to the policy of"safety, fast, convenience, economy".For the sake of the common benefits, from the bottom of the heart the hope and large customer develop a business cooperative relation.

4.Aviation freight transportation.

Yantai, Qingdao and Huaihai as to transport a goods export base by air, take Peking, Shanghai, Korea and Hong Kong etc. nation and region as re-exports seaport, and domestic and a life time boundary each big airline signed agency agreement, for the customer provides to spread all over world eachly of goods conveyance network, with all sincerity provides exit goods for the customer settle Cang, make list, pay customs duties, the report checks, comes to lift goods, deliver a luck, warehouse and relevant medium turn business of service.

5.The warehouse is saving.Go together with goods service

Pay customs duties, warehouse, go together with to send:The sail whole logisticseses gather to pay customs duties, warehouse, go together with to send for the integral whole, the execution pays customs duties, warehouse, go together with to send all-directions combine of a service dragon.The employee of the company owns a double toward the qualifications certificate, the character is good, experienced, to seaport wharf of land transportation, iron luck and airborne import and export goods at Shanghai ability fast accurately practice pay customs duties, report check.Can carry on a long-term warehouse to the different type goods.The company provides with the 1 T, 2 Ts and 4 Ts, 5 Ts and 6 Ts, 10 Ts and 20 T each type of etc. conveyance vehicle, can provide the whole car, zero loads of professional conveyance service.Our conveyances follow search system to adopt on the trail of for 24 hours of international forerunner search;Our vehicles installed fixed position system and allowed you to understand goods a related information at any time.Our employees will provide:Pack to unload, transport, a little bit pure, check, the original label list return to etc. a series of humanization service.Make you and you of the customer feel happy more more satisfied, your customer is us of customer, we of high-quality service will make you and your customer is more outstanding.Company and Anne's insurance company in China sky built up a long-term cooperative relation, company can in order to need the customer of goods conveyance insurance provide insurance to deal business, with decrease since want to arrange hair goods and want to arrange the manpower and energy devotion of doing the insurance.Goods the whole insurance of 100,000,000 dollars that the company purchases protect to drive to escort for your goods and bring an over-valued guarantee for your goods.The insurance presses the national highway goods insurance to take an insurance fee.365*24 humanization service, arrive to lead above 90% punctually, return to the list label in time to return.We are in the light of the basic principle of "trustworthiness is originally, service first, mutual benefit", go all out to work well each small link and ensure to pay customs duties, warehouse, go together with send for the integral whole of modern supply chain service day attain mature perfect..

6.Transport a quick piece by air

Particularly camp Shanghai gets to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, American special line business.The DHL, UPS and Fedex, TNT and EMS international quick piece delivers business.Big piece the product price is excellent.The goods that provide to spread all over world eachly for the customer transport a network and with all sincerity provides exit goods for the customer settle Cang, make list, pay customs duties, the report checks, comes to lift goods, deliver a luck, warehouse and relevant medium turn business of service.

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Address:City Shanghai,HongQiao International Airdrome,HuQingPing Road,NO.101.
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