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Address:City Shanghai,HongQiao
International Airdrome,
HuQingPing Road,NO.101.


The ShangHai HangQuan holds a national approval certificate of the selling agent business of the aviation conveyance, is a profession be engaged in nations, local freight transportation quick piece business, the accumulation enriches for long time of experience.The company own on paying respect-work high character, accountable and excellent team, soft the hardware facilities be well-found, the company has with several airlines over a long period of time a close cooperative relation, operation method in response to customer need, diverse vivid, price reasonable, serve thoughtful.

The principle of management of the company:provide the most perfect service

1.Basic principle:the sail whole aviationses of"the customer be highest" always pierce through the basic principle of "customer highest" in the whole company service and the operation.Everything with the customer be satisfied with for fast time limited efficacy target insist providing a superior quality for the customer, service.

2.Business enterprise aim:the time limited efficacy first

On time send to is the life sill which transports profession.

3.The target of the company:provide whole square comprehensive sex conveyance service, with science management of means and high quality professional talented person's troops, with the aviation conveyance act for for foundation, the establishment gathers an air freight, land transportation, sea transportation, express delivery, integral whole of comprehensive sex conveyance service system, provide a safe fast service for the customer.

Logistics service contents:

1.The local aviation carry a time limited efficacy service quickly

The address of the company:ShangHai HongQiao\PuDong Airport, can immediately quickest service for goods to send fall into trap, and immediately follow the conveyance appearance of goods, safety, accurate, fastly provide a high-quality door to door for you the aviation carry quickly with the logistics serve, and carry out an information to follow a service.


The ShangHai HangQuan provides the information to the goods piece to follow a search service.Deal a through carriage procedure, the mat pays freight, provide each kind of conveyance, key consultation, technique service, draw up the conveyance project of the special kind goods for the customer, the all of sail acts for each kind of conveyance insurance for the customer and protect price and claim business.Provide network information and customer a resources share, deliver goods a service.The sail is whole self-provided trucks, can provide the come of outside in the wreath line a service.Exit:Shanghai go to Hong Kong to go to a world-wide locations special line(international goods, quick piece), Shanghai go to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, allied Qiu, South Africa, england, Japan, American special line.

Import:various goods be import by Hong Kong and pay customs duties, pure pass, conveyance, act for import and export.

Comprehensive sex conveyance service system of integral whole provide a safe fast service for the customer. We will attain an internationalization standard to contribute efforts to you!!!

Operate with Sincerity And Honesty. .. (c) ShangHai HangQuan
TEL:+86-021-52278388,52278488,52278199       FAX: +86-021-52278199 
Address:City Shanghai,HongQiao International Airdrome,HuQingPing Road,NO.101.
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